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Curry, E., Degeler, V., Clifford, E., Coakley, D.
16th International Conference Water Distribution Systems Analysis (WSDA 2014)
Interactive Water Services: The Waternomics Approach
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Bari, Italy
WATERNOMICS focuses on the development of ICT as an enabling technology to manage water as a resource, increase end - user conservation awareness and affect behavioral changes. Unique aspects of WATERNOMICS include personalized feedback about end - user water consumption, the development of systematic and standards - based water resource management systems, new sensor hardware developments, and the introduction of forecasting and fault detection diagnosis to the analysi s of water consumption data. These services will be bundled into the WATERNOMICS Water Information Services Platform. This paper presents the overall architectural approach to WATERNOMICS and details the potential interactive services possible based on this novel platform
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EU, Science Foundation Ireland (SFI)
WATERNOMICS no. 619660 and SFI/12/RC/2289
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Environment, Marine and Energy, Informatics, Physical and Computational Sciences