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Barr, Rebecca Anne; Kelly, David; Tonra, Justin
Experimental Interfaces for Reading 2.0 Conference
"Ossian Online: Crowdsourcing Annotation and the Social Edition"
Chicago, USA
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This Digital Demo will present Ossian Online, a social edition of the sequence of eighteenth-century works known collectively as the Ossian poems. Initially presented by Scottish writer James Macpherson as fragments of original manuscripts he had found on journeys around the Highlands of Scotland, the Ossian poems grew into a body of work that inspired readers, courted controversy, and profoundly influenced the literature of the Romantic period. The demonstration will showcase the project’s use of digital technologies to present accurate texts of original print sources and crowdsource annotations to those texts. Ossian is a work which various academic disciplines and reading communities have used to investigate, shape, and define their identities since its initial publication in 1760. Ossian Online endeavours to bring together these discrete and often competing perspectives into fruitful dialogue around the original texts to create a new reading community and generate fresh knowledge and insight on this seminal work. The project presents TEI-encoded texts of eighteenth-century print sources, and uses the Annotator JavaScript library to facilitate user annotation. The project provides a practical example of a social edition (Siemens, et al., DHQ; Siemens, et al., LLC) which enacts one of the many potential affordances of social media for scholarly editing and annotation. Ossian Online aims to contribute to the description of an active typology of the emergent social edition, which remains more theorised than practiced. More broadly, this Digital Demo of Ossian Online aims to “extend our understanding of the scholarly edition in light of new models of edition production that embrace social networking and its commensurate tools” (Siemens, et al., LLC 447).
NUI Galway
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