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NUI Galway and Mayo Clinic, USA
Collaborative Management of Multi-System Diseases: New Developments and Treatment Strategies
Specialist medical conference with leading speakers from Ireland and Mayo Clinic, USA
NUI Galway Campus, IT Building
Conference Organising Committee Chairperson
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The aim of the conference was to bring together experts from diverse medical and research specialities to provide attendees with expert knowledge on the latest developments in disease pathogenesis, diagnosis and management of specific multi-system diseases.The target audience included students, trainees, researchers, consultant physicians/surgeons/pathologists and other health professionals from the Island of Ireland with an interest in multi-system diseases including vasculitis, plasma cell dyscrasias, complement disorders and immune-mediated disease. Emphasis for the presentations was on cross-discipline collaboration in advancing the field. Presentations included lectures from four leading specialists from Ireland and from eight international leaders from Mayo Clinic, USA as well as clinco-pathological case presentations and discussions.
NUI Galway Millennium Fund, Galway University Hospitals Nephrology Group and Commerical Sponsors
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