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Goggins, J; Newell, S; King, D; Hajdukiewicz, M
Civil Engineering Research in Ireland (CERI 2014)
Real-time monitoring of a hybrid precast and in situ concrete flat slab system
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Structural health monitoring Reinforced concrete flat slab Real-time monitoring Vibrating wire gauges
Nanukuttan, S; Goggins, J
Belfast, Northern Ireland
This paper presents a scheme developed for instrumentation and monitoring of the structural performance of a hybrid precast and in situ concrete flat slab system employed in an educational building. The system contains a precast plate flooring slab, which is composed of a thin reinforced concrete plate incorporating a steel lattice girder and all reinforcement required by design. A top mat of reinforcement is placed on site, as well as reinforcing stitching bars across the precast slab joints to ensure shear transfer and two way bending action. The concrete topping is then placed on site. Preliminary data obtained from the instrumented building are discussed. Continuous monitoring of the data will allow long term effects, such as creep, to also be monitored and compared with design guidelines.
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