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Hajdukiewicz, M; Goggins, J
Civil Engineering Research in Ireland (CERI 2014)
The influence of heat transfer and storage in structural precast building components on indoor environments
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Buildings Thermal properties Indoor environments Precast concrete
Nanukuttan, S; Goggins, J
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Knowledge about the heat transfer and storage in concrete components of the building envelope is vital in evaluating the environmental and energy performance of buildings. Providing sufficient thermal mass of the building envelope is crucial in delivering optimal indoor conditions while reducing the energy consumption in buildings. This paper presents a project that focuses on evaluating the thermal performance of precast concrete building structural elements (i.e. twinwall, hollowcore and lattice slab), regarding their thermal properties on indoor environments. The motivation, objectives and method description of the project are described. The analysis proposed in this project will provide (i) better prediction of indoor environmental conditions; (ii) healthier, more comfortable and productive indoor environments; and (iii) reduced/optimised energy consumption in buildings.
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