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European Institute for Gender Equality (Ireland National Expert: Niamh Reilly)
Effectiveness of Institutional Mechanisms for the Advancement of Gender Equality Review of the implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action in the EU Member States
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gender equality, gender mainstreaming, Beijing Platform, EU
Dr. Niamh Reilly (NUI Galway) acted as national expert (Ireland) in the production of this pan European report. It compares and presents the progress of EU Member States in the implementation of their commitments under the1995  UN Beijing Platform for Action in the area of institutional mechanisms and gender mainstreaming since 2006. The main findings show that by 2012 all Member States had established governmental bodies for gender equality and bodies for the promotion of equal treatment on various grounds. Notwithstanding positive trends in institutional settings over the last decade, the bodies responsible for gender equality are often marginalised in national governmental structures; split into different policy areas; hampered by complex and expanding mandates; lack adequate staff, training, data and sufficient resources; and experience insufficient support from political leadership.
Progress report on implementation of Beijing Platform for Action by EU member states in area of institutional mechanisms for gender equality and gender mainstreaming for 2006-2012.
ISBN 978-92-9218-361-5
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