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Khoo, S
Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education
Higher Education Internationalization(s) and the crisis of the competition state – w(h)ither the humanities?
Brock University, St Catharines, Ontario, Canada
International Refereed Conference
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This paper situates the current policies for internationalizing higher education within a severe crisis of the competition state. It critically examines how the current crisis of the competition state has driven some of the more puzzling contradictions of higher education institutions as they simultaneously engage i) in processes of institutional reform focused on intense intra-institutional and intra-national competition; ii) in international competition for global markets; and iii) with a centralizing European policy envelope for the European Union as a single knowledge economy. The paper particularly considers the role of, impact on, and implications for, the social sciences and humanities and examines some potentials and risks in Irish higher education’s attempts to advance internationalization policy in a landscape of ‘embedded neoliberalism’ (Cerny 2010). ‘Internationalization’The five internationalization policy areas: i) recruitment ii) mobility iii) international reputation iv) internationalizing curriculum and v) engaging with international development are seen within the broad context of the European project for knowledge economies facing into deep economic and financial crises and concomitant crises of social reproduction and cohesion. 
Academy of Finland EIHE Project
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