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Khoo, S
Intellectual autonomy and Social/Global Accountability in Higher Education in Times of Crises – International Lessons
Higher Education as a space for debates about alternative futures
Brock University, St Catharines, Ontario, Canada
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The University as critic and conscience of society: hindsights, insights and foresightsThis plenary contribution re-examines the unbearable lightness of internationalization. In hindsight, it looks to question the condition of higher education as a continuing and continuous crisis. In her book ‘Anti-Crisis’, Roitfeld invites us to question what has become so normalized as to be almost imperceptible. What is crisis? Crises are the instances when normativity is laid bare, when we can revisit and examine the principles, suppositions, premises, criteria, and logical or causal relations that prevail (Roitfeld 2011,3). Understanding crisis in this way enables us to open up what is and where we are, and from there how to think ‘otherwise’  - and to identify and work on the right questions. The development theorist Frans Schuurman says that we are caught in a twilight zone between neoliberal globalism and global neoliberalism (2009, 832). What we want to do is to open up the cracks in the imaginary and create the possibility for critical refraction, to let in the light and allow us to see and imagine diverse possibilities for higher education and public good.  
Academy of Finland
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