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Khoo, S
Ethical Engagement - Representing Local and Global Inequalities in Public Communication, Teaching and Research
Developing Socially Accountable Communication Strategies
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
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This event brings together scholars involved in research and practice related to teaching and learning about global inequalities: local/global poverty creation, elimination and/or alleviation in several educational contexts. Drawing on postcolonial, decolonial,  and poststructuralist orientations, participants will engage with papers and workshops that explore the complexities of representing contested ideas of progress, development, humanity, privilege and wealth in education, with a focus on the cognitive, affective and performative dimensions of learning about historical patterns of violence and exploitation. Particular attention will be paid to concepts of resistance to difficult learning/knowledge and to methodologies and ethical procedures that can facilitate research and curriculum development in this area
Canadian Association for the Study of International Development/ UBC Global Lounge
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