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Vulcu G, Buitelaar P, Negi S, Pereira B, Arcan M, Coughlan B, Sanchez J.F and Iglesias C.A
Generating Linked-Data based Domain-Specific Sentiment Lexicons from Legacy Language and Semantic Resources
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domain specific lexicon entity extraction and linking sentiment analysis
Language Resource Adaptation Pipeline
We present a methodology for legacy language resource adaptation that generates domain-specific sentiment lexicons organized around domain entities described with lexical information and sentiment words described in the context of these entities. We explain the steps of the methodology and we give a working example of our initial results. The resulting lexicons are modelled as Linked Data resources by use of established formats for Linguistic Linked Data (lemon, NIF) and for linked sentiment expressions (Marl), thereby contributing and linking to existing Language Resources in the Linguistic Linked Open Data cloud.
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