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Seán Crosson
‘The Shore: Examining the Reconciliation Narrative in Post-Troubles Cinema’, “The Legacy of 1998: Northern Irish Politics, Culture and Art after the Good Friday Agreement International Seminar”, University of Agder, Norway.
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Irish film, Northern Irish film, Irish studies, The Troubles, Northern Ireland Peace Process, The Shore (Terry George, 2011),
This paper is concerned with the manner through which film has become part of the post Good Friday agreement discourse particularly that discourse concerning reconciliation. As part of this analysis, this paper examines the Oscar winning short film The Shore (2011), a film shot and set in director (Terry George’s) family cottage at Coney Island near Killough, on the edge of Strangford Lough in county Down. This paper considers the context of this film’s promotion and reception and its employment within the post Good Friday agreement reconciliation discourse. It also explores how film is arguably one of the best and most revelatory sites on which to view the manner through which this reconciliation discourse has been formulated and circulated. It is also the site that reveals the failure of this discourse to engage with the real underlying and unresolved issues in the post Good Friday Agreement context. Indeed, film has if anything tended to obscure and elide these fundamentals producing ultimately utopian depictions for mass consumption. In this respect, The Shore is a remarkable rendering not so much of either Northern Ireland or of the post-Troubles context, but of the dominant representational paradigms within representations of Ireland itself.
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