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Jane Conroy, Marina Ansaldo, Gabor Gelléri, Tania Manca
Ireland Illustrated: an online database of illustrated travel accounts of Ireland, 1681-1853
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Beta version, containing some 450 records, released May 2014. The next version (early 2015) will have a greater number of Image records and related Author/Artist and Source Works records. It will continue to be augmented as resources permit. The project was funded bythe HEA through  PRTLI 4, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The main external collaborators were the Digital Humanities Observatory (Royal Irish Academy), the National Library of Ireland, and the Viatimages research team in the Université de Lausanne, Switzerland.
Moore Institute, NUI Galway
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HEA through PRTLI 4, and Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
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