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Destrade, M,Ogden, RW,Sgura, I,Vergori, L
Proceedings Of The Royal Society A-Mathematical Physical And Engineering Sciences
Straightening: existence, uniqueness and stability
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nonlinear elasticity straightening instability stiffening ANNULAR CYLINDRICAL SECTORS FINITE ELASTICITY BIFURCATIONS RUBBER
One of the least studied universal deformations of incompressible nonlinear elasticity, namely the straightening of a sector of a circular cylinder into a rectangular block, is revisited here and, in particular, issues of existence and stability are addressed. Particular attention is paid to the system of forces required to sustain the large static deformation, including by the application of end couples. The influence of geometric parameters and constitutive models on the appearance of wrinkles on the compressed face of the block is also studied. Different numerical methods for solving the incremental stability problem are compared and it is found that the impedance matrix method, based on the resolution of a matrix Riccati differential equation, is the more precise.
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