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Dempsey, C; Barry, MM; Battel-Kirk, B.
Literature Review: Developing Competencies for Health Promotion
Paris and Galway
International Union for Health Promotion and Education and the Health Promotion Research Centre
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INTRODUCTION This literature review forms part of the work of the project entitled ‘Developing Competencies and Professional Standards for Health Promotion Capacity Building in Europe (CompHP). The CompHP Project 1 aims to identify, agree and publish core competencies for health promotion practice, education and training in Europe. This review provides an overview of the international and European literature published on the development of competencies for health promotion, with reference to work in related fields. The methodologies and processes commonly used in the development of competencies are reviewed. The evolution of health promotion and how it is currently practiced and by who, and the differences between countries regarding the understanding and practice of health promotion, public health and health education is also addressed in the context of identifying and agreeing core competencies. Contextual and critical issues arising in this field of work are outlined and discussed. The findings of the review will form the basis for developing a framework and a consensus building process for health promotion competencies development in Europe.
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