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Dempsey, C; Barry, MM; Battel-Kirk, B
Report Developing a European Consensus on Core Competencies for Health Promotion
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This report details the work carried out by Workpackage 4of the CompHP Project  ‘Developing Competencies and Professional Standards for Health Promotion Capacity Building in Europe' (CompHP). The CompHP Project aims to identify, agree and publish core competencies for health promotion practice, education and training in Europe. The aim of Workpackage 4 was to develop consensus on core competencies for Health Promotion in Europe through the following methods:• An initial draft framework of core competencies based on findings from the literature review and consultation with CompHP Project Partners• A Delphi survey on the draft core competencies undertaken with health promotion experts from across Europe to reach consensus• Focus groups with health promotion experts and other key stakeholders from across Europe• Consultation with health promotion stakeholders across Europe using a web based consultation process.This report provides:1. An overview of the international and European literature published on the developmentof competencies for health promotion, with reference to work in the related fields of publichealth and health education. This overview focuses particularly on the methodologies andprocesses used in the development of health promotion competencies internationally.2. An outline of how the literature review informed the development of the CompHP CoreCompetencies for Health Promotion Framework.3. A summary of the research processes through which consensus on the core competencieswas developed with Health Promotion experts in Europe, leading to the publication of theCompHP Core Competencies for Health Promotion Framework Handbook.
Report describing the development of the CompHP Core Competencies Framework for Health Promotion
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