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Farrell M, Zhou J, Murphy PV
Chemistry (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany)
Regiospecific Anomerisation of Acylated Glycosyl Azides and Benzoylated Disaccharides by Using TiCl4.
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Chelation induced anomerisation is promoted when Lewis acids, such as TiCl4 or SnCl4 , coordinate to the pyranose ring oxygen atom and another site, giving rise to endocyclic cleavage and isomerisation to the more stable anomer. In this research regiospecific site-directed anomerisation is demonstrated. TiCl4 (2.5 equiv) was employed to induce anomerisation of 15 glycosyl azide and disaccharide substrates of low reactivity, and high yields (>75 %) and stereoselectivies (α/β>9:1) were achieved. The examples included glucopyranuronate, galactopyranuronate and mannopyranuronate as well as N-acetylated glucopyranuronate and galactopyranuronate derivatives. A disaccharide with the α1→4 linkage found in polygalacturonan was included. The use of benzoylated saccharides was found to be important in disaccharide anomerisation as attempts to isomerise related acetyl protected and 2,3-carbonate protected derivatives were not successful.
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