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Michael Hogan; Elaine Wallace
Four Types of Facebook Fans
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Facebook, brands, engagement
Why do people become fans of brands on Facebook?  Are they motivated by their interest in the brand, or are they influenced by their friends, or by their personality traits?  We recently conducted a study of Facebook fans that reveals four very different ‘types’ of Facebook fan, each with different motivations for ‘Liking’ brands, and each with very different needs and motivations for using Facebook.  Some fans have lower self-esteem, and are very concerned about the judgment of others.  They tend to ‘Like’ brands that they believe others would approve of.  Others are more materialistic, and ‘Like’ brands that they think will make an impression on others.  Others are more motivated by the incentives companies offer for ‘Liking’, and are less concerned with their own, or others’ opinions about their chosen brand. Those who have ‘true’ relationships with brands are less worried about their Facebook profile and have an online life that is more reflective of their ‘real’ world.  The blog describes the four types of Facebook fan we have discovered.
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