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Dsouza, RI,Zam, A,Subhash, HM,Larin, KV,Leahy, M
In vivo microcirculation imaging of the sub surface fingertip using correlation mapping optical coherence tomography (cmOCT)
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optical coherence tomography biometrics fingerprint liveness 3D imaging BIOMETRICS
We describe a novel application of correlation mapping optical coherence tomography (cmOCT) for sub-surface fingerprint biometric identification. Fingerprint biometrics including automated fingerprint identification systems, are commonly used to recognise the fingerprint, since they constitute simple, effective and valuable physical evidence. Spoofing of biometric fingerprint devices can be easily done because of the limited information obtained from the surface topography. In order to overcome this limitation a potentially more secure source of information is required for biometric identification applications. In this study, we retrieve the microcirculation map of the subsurface fingertip by use of the cmOCT technique. To increase probing depth of the sub surface microcirculation, an optical clearing agent composed of 75% glycerol in aqueous solution was applied topically and kept in contact for 15 min. OCT intensity images were acquired from commercial research grade swept source OCT system (model OCT1300SS, Thorlabs Inc. USA). A 3D OCT scan of the fingertip was acquired over an area of 5x5 mm using 1024x1024 A-scans in approximately 70 s. The resulting volume was then processed using the cmOCT technique with a 7x7 kernel to provide a microcirculation map. We believe these results will demonstrate an enhanced security level over artificial fingertips. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first demonstration of imaging microcirculation map of the subsurface fingertip.
ARTN 85800M
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