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O'Halloran, M,Morgan, F,Glavin, M,Jones, E,Conceio, RC,Byrne, D
European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP), 2013 7th
Bladder-State Monitoring using Ultra Wideband Radar
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Ultra Wideband Radar Microwave Imaging Bladder Monitoring Incontinence
This paper describes the development of a bladder-state monitoring device based on Ultra Wideband Radar. Three-layer dielectrically representative bladder phantoms were created, mimicking a range of muscle and bladder wall-to-wall distances. The bladder monitoring process involves the illumination of the bladder with a Ultra Wideband pulse. Due to the dielectric contrast between urine and bladder wall tissue at microwave frequencies, an electromagnetic reflection is generated at both the anterior and posterior bladder wall. These reflections are recorded, the salient features are extracted and processed by a classification algorithm to estimate the volume of urine present in the bladder.
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