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Vergori, L,Destrade, M,McGarry, P,Ogden, RW
Computational Mechanics
On anisotropic elasticity and questions concerning its Finite Element implementation
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Anisotropic elasticity Nonlinear hyperelasticity Finite Elements Deviatoric-volumetric decoupling DEFORMATION SOLIDS ELLIPTICITY
We give conditions on the strain-energy function of nonlinear anisotropic hyperelastic materials that ensure compatibility with the classical linear theories of anisotropic elasticity. We uncover the limitations associated with the volumetric-deviatoric separation of the strain-energy used, for example, in many Finite Element (FE) codes in that it does not fully represent the behavior of anisotropic materials in the linear regime. This limitation has important consequences. We show that, in the small deformation regime, a FE code based on the volumetric-deviatoric separation assumption predicts that a sphere made of a compressible anisotropic material deforms into another sphere under hydrostatic pressure loading, instead of the expected ellipsoid. For finite deformations, the commonly adopted assumption that fibres cannot support compression is incorrectly implemented in current FE codes and leads to the unphysical result that under hydrostatic tension a sphere of compressible anisotropic material deforms into a larger sphere.
DOI 10.1007/s00466-013-0871-6
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