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Gannon, B,Finn, DP,O'Gorman, D,Ruane, N,McGuire, BE
Pain Medicine
The Cost of Chronic Pain: An Analysis of a Regional Pain Management Service in Ireland
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ObjectiveThe objective of the study was to collect data on the direct and indirect economic cost of chronic pain among patients attending a pain management clinic in Ireland.SettingA tertiary pain management clinic serving a mixed urban and rural area in the West of Ireland.DesignData were collected from 100 patients using the Client Services Receipt Inventory and focused on direct and indirect costs of chronic pain.MethodsPatients were questioned about health service utilization, payment methods, and relevant sociodemographics. Unit costs were multiplied by resource use data to obtain full costs. Cost drivers were then estimated.ResultsOur study showed a cost per patient of US$24,043 over a 12-month period. Over half of this was attributable to wage replacement costs and lost productivity in those unable to work because of pain. Hospital stays and outpatient hospital services were the main drivers for health care utilization costs, together accounting for 63% of the direct medical costs per study participant attending the pain clinic.ConclusionThe cost of chronic pain among intensive service users is significant, and when extrapolated to a population level, these costs represent a very substantial economic burden.
DOI 10.1111/pme.12202
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