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Casey, D. O’Hara, MC, Meehan, B. Byrne, M. Dinneen, SF. & Murphy, K.
Journal Of Mixed Methods Research
A mixed methods study exploring the factors and behaviours that impact on glycaemic control following a structured education programme: the Irish DAFNE Study
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Aim: To explain the factors affecting glycemic control (measured by HbA1c) following theDose Adjustment for Normal Eating (DAFNE) program. Background: DAFNE is a structurededucation program designed to assist persons with type 1 diabetes mellitus achieve optimal glycemiccontrol. However, not all participants reach this goal. Few studies comprehensivelyexplain why this is the case. Research Design: A concurrent mixed methods design. Datawere collected from participants (n = 34) at three time points post DAFNE in five participatingsites. Each data set was analyzed separately and then integrated. Results: Motivation and supportdiffered for participants who were out of control and those in control. Conclusion:Setting targets/goals and motivations are key in helping participants attain optimal HbA1c.
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