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Hyde, N., Casey, D., Murphy, K., Cooney, A., Mee, L., Kirwan, C., Tully, A., & Mooney, B.
British Journal Of Community Nursing
COPD in primary care settings in Ireland: stories from usual care
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COPD; usual care; diagnosis; lifestyle advice; smoking cessation
The aim of the PRINCE study was to determine the effectiveness of a structured education pulmonary rehabilitation programme for those living with COPD in primary care in Ireland. This qualitative element of the larger PRINCE trial aims to describe the constituents of ‘usual care’ for patients allocated to the control arm of the study. A descriptive qualitative study was used to explore the constituents of usual care. A convenience sample of participants (n=20) allocated to the usual care group were interviewed. Three main themes arose from the study: experiences of having and managing COPD, lifestyle advice, and factors that helped or hindered self-management. Usual care left many people grappling in the dark trying to manage their COPD. It was found that usual care was not at its optimum for people with COPD in the control arm of the PRINCE study.
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