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P. Moran
International workshop on vernacular literacy in medieval Europe and East Asia
International workshop
NUI Galway
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Classics in NUIG has in recent years developed a special expertise in the reception of Classical texts in the early Middle Ages and the interactions of Classical and medieval vernacular languages. One of my own research areas focuses on how marginal and interlinear notes (glosses) on medieval manuscripts provide evidence for contemporary reading practices. In July–August this year, I was invited to a workshop in Tokyo to explore whether there are any commonalities in European and Japanese glossing traditions (see <>). We were surprised to discover many points of similarly previously completely unknown to European or Japanese scholars. As a follow-up, we invited the organiser of the Japan event, Prof. John Whitman (Cornell/National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics, Tokyo), to Galway over 28 Nov–1 Dec to explore how we can further develop our research collaboration. We also brought colleagues from Cambridge with whom we have already established an independent collaboration and who have similar research interests: Dr Máire Ní Mhaonaigh, who works on Irish vernacular materials and has been active in building a wide international research network, and Dr Imre Galambos, who is an expert on Chinese manuscripts who studies the interaction of Classical (here Chinese) and vernacular languages. 
School of Languages, Literature and Cultures Research Incentivisation Scheme 2013–14
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