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Barham, M., Murray, J. & Sevastopulo, G.D.
The Palaeontological Association Annual Meeting.
A cluster of Maccoya (Echinoidea) from the Carboniferous of County Donegal.
Glasgow University
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Maccoya gigas (MíCoy), the type species of Maccoya, is moderately abundant near its† type locality in the Lower Visťan Rinn Point Formation, St. Johnís Point, County Donegal. † It has interambulacral zones of four columns, rather than six as previously reported. † A bedding surface shows at least 20 compacted but otherwise intact tests of M. gigas,† in an area of 0.16 m2.† Four are preserved with the periproct facing upward and the† remainder on their sides.† One specimen is larger than the others, which are interpreted as† not fully grown.† Elsewhere in the Rinn Point Formation, disarticulated plates and spines† of Archaeocidaris sp. occur with M. gigas, but they do not occur on this bedding surface. † The cluster of tests represents either a living assemblage demonstrating aggregation, or a† post mortem accumulation.† The upper surfaces of the tests are overlain by shale and in† some cases by fenestellid fronds and are preserved intact, indicating that they were covered† by sediment soon after death.† However, none of the specimens have spines or periproctal† plates in place, indicating some post mortem decay before the tests were entombed.† The† cluster is likely to be a post mortem accumulation resulting from storm current activity.
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