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Fallon, P. & Murray, J.
55th Irish Geological Research Meeting.
Conodont biostratigraphy of the Clare Shale Formation at Paradise House, Ballynacally, Clare.
University College Cork.
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Knowledge of middle and late Carboniferous (Serpukhovian and Pennsylvanian) conodont faunas from Britain and Ireland is quite poor at present. This is largely a reflection of the widespread shift from carbonate to predominantly siliciclastic sedimentary deposition during this particular time interval. The latter (non-calcareous lithologies) are largely unsuitable for conodont processing, as they cannot be acid-etched to recover these phosphatic microfossils. A 56m stratigraphic section through dark organic-rich shales belonging to the Clare Shale Formation was examined and logged close to Paradise House, at Ballynacally on the banks of the Fergus Estuary in County Clare. The succession contains several discrete goniatite bearing marine bands, which indicated a H1a to R1a (Bashkirian; early Pennsylvanian) age to previous workers. The section also contains several calcareous nodules, interbedded with the shales, which have produced conodonts, including Declinognathodus noduliferus. Perhaps more significantly, several conodont forms have been recovered from the base of the sequence indicative of the late Serpukhovian. This suggests that the Paradise House Clare Shale section may actually straddle the Mid-Carboniferous boundary.  (Awarded Best Poster Prize).
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