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Murray, J., Sevastopulo, G.D. & Wyse Jackson, P.N.
Palaeontological Association Annual Meeting.
A Cracoean Reef fauna from southwest Ireland.
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Cracoean Reefs developed during the mid to late Viséan (late Holkerian to early Brigantian) around the margins of the Shannon Basin in southwest Ireland. The sedimentology of these particular carbonate mudbanks has been largely neglected in the literature and their fauna, which is quite prolific in places, has not been illustrated before. Specimens have been collected from one particular reef ‘knoll’ which is well exposed at Oyster Hall, c. 6.5km east from the village of Fenit in County Kerry. The lithology is quite variable; however it is composed predominantly of massive micrite, generally lacking any sign of a supporting or baffling framework. The biota is dominated by crinoids, brachiopods and bryozoans. Brachiopods are commonly articulated. Productoid forms are particularly abundant and may even have delicate spines preserved. Other forms include reticularioids, spiriferoids and rhynchonellides. Fenestellids comprise the bulk of the bryozoan fauna, however pinnate forms such as Baculopora megastoma and Penniretepora elegans also occur. Several corals have been recovered including Siphonodendron sp. n. A (Nudds 1980) and Cladochonus sp. Non suspension feeding members of the community include the gastropod Bellerophon sp., the nautiloid Orthoceras sp. and occasional trilobites. Gnathodus bilineatus and G. girtyi dominate conodont faunas, confirming an Asbian age for the assemblage.
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