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Murray, J
42nd Irish Geological Research Meeting.
Enigmatic Striped Limestones from Lixnaw.
Trinity College Dublin.
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Lixnaw quarry is located approximately 10.5km WSW of Listowel, Co. Kerry, and lies within the Carboniferous Shannon Basin. The section at Lixnaw displays probable deeper water features such as graded (turbidite?) units and large scale sedimentary slumps and breccias, which contain derived Asbian mud-mound clasts. A unit of very distinctive striped limestones (Parsonage Formation), of probable late Asbian age, appears near the top of the succession in the quarry. This formation occurs over a very wide area in the Shannon Basin and is an important marker horizon, yet its origin remains enigmatic. The 'stripes' consist of alternating light and dark bands of carbonate and are commonly seen folded, brecciated and even incorporated into large scale limestone bodies as rafts. It is possible that these striped limestones were evaporites which have been replaced by carbonate. The enclosing facies suggest a deep water origin, but a bed of oncoids, immediately below the striped unit, are probably of shallow water origin.  
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