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QasemiZadeh, Behrang; Shen, Jiali; O’Neill, Ian; Miller, Paul; Hanna, Philip ; Stwart, Darryl; Wang, Hongbin
Advanced Video and Signal Based Surveillance
A Speech Based Approach to Surveillance Video Retrieval
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surveillance video retrieval Ontology Natural language Interface Video Content Modelling Event Detection
Genova, Italy
This paper describes the anatomy of a pilot surveillance system with a speech-based interface for content-based retrieval of video data. The proposed system relies on an ontology-based information sharing architecture and lets components of the system communicate among each other through TCP/IP communication channels. The aim of developing the pilot system was to explore dependencies between image analysis, event detection, video annotation, and speech- based retrieval of the video content in the context of a broader spoken dialogue system
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
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SIS project under Grant No. EP/E028640/1.
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