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Vo Thi Ngoc Tuoi, Rongbing Yang, Yury Rochev, Martin Meere
Progress in Industrial Mathematics at ECMI 2010
A Mathematical Model for Drug Delivery
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Controlled drug delivery, diffusion, mathematical model, biomedical engineering
Günther, M.; Bartel, A.; Brunk, M.; Schöps, S.; Striebel, M.
Wuppertal Germany
We consider a model for local drug re-distribution in a tissue that incorporates the effects of diffusion and reversible binding with immobile sites within the tissue. The model tracks the evolution of the concentration in the tissue of free drug, specifically and non-specifically bound drug, and specific binding sites. We reduce the model to a scalar nonlinear diffusion equation for the total drug. The model is used to investigate tissue residence time for strongly bound drugs by considering a problem with uniform initial drug concentration and perfect sink boundary conditions. The behaviour predicted by the model has potential implications for the design of local drug delivery systems if the drug is strongly bound.
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