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Clohessy, Trevor; Acton, Thomas
Requirements Engineering for Cloud Computing (RECC) Workshop at the IEEE 2013 Conference on Cloud Computing (CloudCom)
Rethinking the Business Model Concept with Cloud Computing: A Theoretical Framework for Understanding the Role of Strategy and Business Processes
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cloud computing business model
Odeh, Mohammed; Waineright, Phil
University of the West of England, Bristol, UK
The cloud computing paradigm is a nascent and inchoate phenomenon. Over the past decade, the business model concept has received substantial attention from researchers, however, no consensus exists regarding the definition, structure and evolution of business models. Despite the recent emergence of research pertaining to the significance of the business model in ensuring the long term viability of the cloud computing paradigm, research relating to understanding the interrelated dynamics of strategy, the business model and business processes is nonexistent. This paper attempts to address this research gap by proposing a holistic multi-level cloud computing business framework that derives from a comprehensive review of the cloud computing, business model and strategy literature.
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