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Prasad BR, O'Connell E, Smith TJ, GĂ©rard VA, Gun'ko YK, Rochev Y
2012 January
Nanoparticles in Biology and Medicine: Methods and Protocols
Evaluating the potential of quantum dots for in vitro biological studies: effects on gene expression using microarray analysis.
Methods in Molecular Biology
Clifton, N.J.
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HPMEC cells Quantum dots RNA microarray Gene expression
Quantum dots have potential applications in the biomedical field and especially in bioimaging owing to their tunable fluorescent properties. Although many phenotypic studies have been carried out using QDs on different cell lines, only very few of them involved the analysis of the effect of QDs on gene expression. Here, we describe the application of microarray gene expression analysis for studying the differential expression of genes in the cells treated with QDs.
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