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Hogan, M. J., Broome, B., Noone, C. & Groarke, A. M.
Wellbeing in Ireland Conference: Designing Measures and Implementing Policies
This conference focused on well-being measurement and the design of a national well-being index for Ireland
NUI, Galway
Conference Organising Committee Chairperson
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Following on from the previous year’s successful conference on barriers to well-being in Ireland, the Health and Wellbeing research cluster at the Whitaker Institute, NUI Galway in collaboration with TASC hosted this conference, which focused on well-being measurement and the design of a national well-being index for Ireland. The conference was organised by Michael Hogan in collaboration with Chris Noone (NUI, Galway), Professor Benjamin Broome (Arizona State University), and AnnMarie Groarke (NUI, Galway).  The conference features keynote lectures from the directors of the Canadian, UK, Scottish, and Japanese well-being indices, along with a closing address from Minister Alex White, Minister of State for Primary Care at the Department of Health. The conference also includes a series of wellbeing perspective lectures that focused on gender and well-being, equality and well-being, and sustainability, the built environment and well-being. Conference delegates participated in a collective intelligence design session focused on the design of a new Irish index of well-being. This conference proceeding also included a set of essays from conference participants that provide critical, reflective and integrative perspectives on well-being measurement and policy.  A report detailing the results of the collective intelligence sessions was published and all conference participants were offered the most recent version of our Interactive Management (IM) software and workbook materials in an effort to catalyse further applications of IM to the design of well-being policies and programmes.  A network of contacts within government and HSE has been established and the results of the conference design session will be published in the 11th PASCAL International Observatory Conference, Hong Kong 18-20 November 2013.  
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