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Louise Allcock, Sorcha Cronin-O’Reilly, Felim O’Toole
European Marine Biological Symposium
Fauna of deep-sea canyon systems on the Irish Atlantic Margin: preliminary results of cruise CE13006 aboard RV Celtic Explorer
NUI Galway
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We report on preliminary faunal results from cruise CE13006 aboard RV Celtic Explorer to two canyon systems on the Celtic Margin. The first canyon system is north of the Porcupine Seabight and descends from the continental shelf to the Rockall Trough at about 3,000 m depth. The second is the Whittard Canyon, at 5,000 m. We explored both canyons with a deep-water ROV rated to 3,000 m, recording high-definition video footage of each dive, but also collecting fauna with manipulator arms and with a slurp sampler. Both canyons have cold-water coral abundant on steep sides at shallower depths and both have vertical walls at several locations.  
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