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A. Louise Allcock, Vladimir Laptikhovsky, Janet Voight, Peter Smith, Dirk Steinke, Jan M. Strugnell
World Congress of Malacology
DNA barcoding of Graneledone and Thaumeledone (Cephalopoda: Octopodidae) species worldwide
Azores, Portugal
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We present molecular data investigating the phylogenetic relationships of species of four genera of benthic octopuses: Graneledone, Tetracheledone, Vosseledone and Praealtus.  Using five mitochondrial genes and one nuclear gene, we show that Tetracheledone and Praealtus are junior synonyms of Graneledone.  A short region of the mitochondrial 12S gene was sequenced from Vosseledone and, based on the limited available sequence data, it seems that this genus is also a junior synonym of Graneledone.  Additionally we present DNA barcode data from a 654 base pair region of mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase subunit 1 (COI) from nearly 100 individuals of Graneledone, Thaumeledone, Megaleledone and Velodona.  These reveal undescribed species of Thaumeledone.  Additionally a statistical parsimony analysis places Graneledone verrucosa, G. pacifica, G. boreopacifica and Praealtus paralbida as well as specimens of Graneledone from the Falkland Islands and South Georgia (previously identified as Graneledone sp.) in a single haplotype network, suggesting more detailed investigations of relationships among these putative species are required.  Our data confirm the circumantarctic distribution of Megaleledone setebos.
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