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Kelly M, Fenlon N
Medical Education
Attitude awareness--helping students make the link between attitudes and interpersonal behaviour
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 Attitudes play a vital role in interpersonal communication. A good practitioner needs to be aware of his⁄her own attitudes towards patients and to be conscious of how these attitudes mayaffect his⁄her communicative behaviour. The Department of General Practice at the National University of Ireland, Galway has been teaching an attitude awareness workshop, as part of a larger communication skills module, to fifth year medical students since 1999.  Social psychologytheory holds that attitudes are powerful determinants of interpersonal behaviour. However, students often consider themselves to be ‘value-free’ and are unaware of the effect their own attitudes have on how they interact with patients. We propose that ‘attitude awareness’ is an essential step in identifying the chain of events that leads from deeply held attitudes to the expression of these attitudes in communicative behaviours. We devised a model that offers students an opportunity to becomeacutely aware of the effect of attitudes on behaviour within a safe learning environment. This paper describes that model in detail.
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Biomedical Science and Engineering