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Denis O'Hora, Jon Freeman (Dartmouth College), Chris Kello (UC Merced), Fred Cummins (UCD), Maciej Dabrowski (DERI), Davdi Crowley (DERI)
Dynamics of Social Behaviour: An introduction to novel quantitative techniques to record and analyse social behaviour online and offline
Human behaviour is fundamentally social. Even when isolated, our concerns relate to the concerns of others and are articulated through a language created with others. The quantitative analysis of social behaviour raises some particular difficult challenges, with the result that much behavioural science focuses on the behaviour of single individuals in isolation. Recent advances in computing and mathematics provide new avenues through which to record, characterise and analyse social behaviour. These advances allow us to conceive of novel metaphors that can be applied to human social behaviour; detailed models that are carefully constructed and tested. This workshop will focus on novel dynamical models of human social cognition and behaviour and specifically on techniques to capture complex human activity and to quantitatively analyse it.
Engineering Buildign, NUI Galway
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