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Di Franco, C,Mc Gettrick, M,Machida, T,Busch, T
Journal Of Computational And Theoretical Nanoscience
Measurement-Induced Generation of Spatial Entanglement in a Two-Dimensional Quantum Walk with Single-Qubit Coin
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Two-Dimensional Quantum Walks Limited Resources Entanglement Generation ALGORITHMS
One of the proposals for the exploitation of two-dimensional quantum walks has been the efficient generation of entanglement. Unfortunately, the technological effort required for the experimental realization of standard two-dimensional quantum walks is significantly demanding. In this respect, an alternative scheme with less challenging conditions has been recently studied, particularly in terms of spatial-entanglement generation [C. Di Franco, M. Mc Gettrick, and Th. Busch, Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 080502 (2011)]. Here, we extend the investigation to a scenario where a measurement is performed on the coin degree of freedom after the evolution, allowing a further comparison with the standard two-dimensional Grover walk.
DOI 10.1166/jctn.2013.3098
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