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O'Dowd, C, Ceburnis, D, Vaishya, A, Jennings, SG, Moran, E
19th International Conference on Nucleation & Atmospheric Aerosols
Cleaner Air: Brightening the Pollution Perspective?
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Atmospheric Aerosols Mace Head Emissions Global Radiation MACE HEAD RADIATION AEROSOL
DeMott, P, O'Dowd, CD
Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
Clean-air policies in developing countries have resulted in reduced levels of anthropogenic atmospheric aerosol pollution. Reductions in aerosol pollution is thought to result in a reduction in haze and cloud layers, leading to an increase in the amount of solar radiation reaching the surface, and ultimately, an increase in surface temperatures. There have been many studies illustrating coherent relationships between surface solar radiation and temperature however, a direct link between aerosol emissions, concentrations, and surface radiation has not been demonstrated to date. Here, we illustrate a coherence between the trends of reducing anthropogenic aerosol emissions and concentrations, at the interface between the North-East Atlantic and western-Europe, leading to a staggering increase in surface solar radiation of the order of similar to 20% over the last decade.
DOI 10.1063/1.4803337
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