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de Souza Gomes M, Donoghue MT, Muniyappa M, Pereira RV, Guerra-Sá R, Spillane C
Journal Of Molecular Evolution
Computational Identification and Evolutionary Relationships of the MicroRNA Gene Cluster miR-71/2 in Protostomes.
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MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small noncoding RNA molecules which are processed into ~20-24 nt molecules that can regulate the gene expression post-transcriptionally. MiRNA gene clusters have been identified in a range of species, where in miRNAs are often processed from polycistronic transcripts. In this study, a computational approach is used to investigate the extent of evolutionary conservation of the miR-71/2 cluster in animals, and to identify novel miRNAs in the miRNA cluster miR-71/2. The miR-71/2 cluster, consisting of copies of the miR-71 and miR-2 (including miR-13) families, was found to be Protostome-specific. Although, this cluster is highly conserved across the Protostomia, the miR-2 family is completely absent from the Deuterostomia species, while miR-71 is absent from the Vertebrata and Urochordata. The evolutionary conservation and clustering propensity of the miR-71/2 family across the Protostomes could indicate the common functional roles across the member species of the Protostomia.
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