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Lowndes NF, Paul J, Wu J, Allan M
Molecular And Cellular Biology
c-Ha-ras gene bidirectional promoter expressed in vitro: location and regulation.
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Increased transcriptional activity of the c-Ha-ras gene product is correlated with induction of several important human tumor types. For this reason, we have investigated the nature of the c-Ha-ras promoter and the factors that regulate its expression. Using S1 and primer extension analysis of c-Ha-ras RNA from EJ cells, we have identified 18 initiation sites within an upstream exon (exon -1) whose 3' end (the donor splice site [D]) is located 1,105 base pairs (bp) upstream of the ATG codon. The furthest-upstream initiation site is located -191 bp relative to D, and the furthest downstream is located -16 bp relative to D. Transient expression assays, in which a series of mutants spanning this region were ligated to a promoterless chloramphenicol acetyltransferase vector, functionally confirmed the position and extent of this promoter. Mutational analysis further located a 47-bp element located between -243 and -196 relative to D that up-regulated transcriptional activity of the promoter region by 20- to 40-fold. This region contained both a GC box known to bind SP1 and a CCAAT box. Insertion of a simian virus 40 enhancer 5' to the promoter up-regulated transcription from each initiation site by approximately 10- to 20-fold. We have also localized, both by chloramphenicol acetyltransferase assay and by S1 analysis, a strong promoter operating in the direction opposite that of the gene and originating immediately 5' to the 47-bp regulatory region. The reverse promoter was found to have nine initiation sites between -248 and -278 relative to D.
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