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Whelan, E,Golden, W,Donnellan, B
Information Systems Journal
Digitising the R&D social network: revisiting the technological gatekeeper
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social networks community of practice Web technologies technological gatekeeper social network analysis software development KNOWLEDGE BOUNDARY COMMUNICATION PERSPECTIVE ORGANIZATIONS PERFORMANCE EMERGENCE STRATEGY IMPACT ROLES
This paper examines how the digitisation of the social network, and the resulting interplay between its online and offline components, has impacted the role of the technological gatekeeper in research and development (R&D) settings. Previous studies have firmly established the technological gatekeeper to be a key node in the innovation process acquiring, translating and disseminating novel information throughout the R&D social network. Drawing on social network analysis and interview evidence from a software R&D group, we find that the gatekeeper role has undergone a division of labour. Theoretically, we contribute to the body of knowledge by developing an updated technological gatekeeper conceptual framework. For practitioners, we identify the competencies exhibited by the small number of communication specialists who are largely responsible for diffusing novel information. We then advise practitioners how to maximise the contribution of these stars' to the information flow network.
DOI 10.1111/j.1365-2575.2011.00384.x
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