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O'Donnell, J,Corry, E,Hasan, S,Keane, M,Curry, E
Building And Environment
Building performance optimization using cross-domain scenario modeling, linked data, and complex event processing
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Linked data Complex event processing Performance metrics Building performance analysis
The scenario modeling method empowers building managers by enabling comprehensive performance analysis in commercial buildings, but is currently limited to data from the building management domain. This paper proposes that Linked Data and Complex Event Processing can form the basis of an interoperability approach that would help to overcome technical and conceptual barriers to cross-domain scenario modeling. In doing so, this paper illustrates the cross-domain potential of scenario modeling to leverage data from different information silos within organizations and demonstrates how to optimize the role of a building manager in the context of his or her organization. Widespread implementations of cross-domain scenario models require a solution that efficiently manages cross-domain data acquisition and post processing underpinned by the principles of linked data combined with complex event processing. An example implementation highlights the benefits of this new approach. Cross-domain scenario models enhance the role of the building manager within an organization and increase the importance of information communicated by building managers to other organizational stakeholders. In addition, new information presented to stakeholders such as facilities managers and financial controllers can help to identify areas of inefficiency while still maintaining building function and optimized energy consumption. Two key challenges to implementing cross-domain scenario modeling are: the data integration of the different domains' sources, and the need to process scenarios in real-time. This paper presents an implementation approach based on linked data to overcome interoperability issues, and Complex Event Processing to handle real-time scenarios. (C) 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
DOI 10.1016/j.buildenv.2013.01.019
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