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Nash, ME,Carroll, WM,Velasco, D,Gomez, J,Gorelov, AV,Elezov, D,Gallardo, A,Rochev, YA,Elvira, C
Journal Of Biomaterials Science-Polymer Edition
Synthesis and characterization of a novel thermoresponsive copolymer series and their application in cell and cell sheet regeneration
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cell culture cell detachment radical polymerization spin coating thermoresponsive PHASE-TRANSITIONS AQUEOUS-SOLUTIONS DETACHMENT CULTURE SURFACE
A series of poly-(N-isopropyl acrylamide)-based copolymers were developed with a view to biomedical applications, specifically cell cultivation and recovery. Ethylpyrrolidone methacrylate (EPM), the monomer of poly-(ethylpyrrolidone methacrylate) (pEPM), which is itself thermoresponsive, was copolymerized with N-isopropylacrylamide in varying ratios to create this novel thermoresponsive copolymer series. Characterization indicated a moderate increase of copolymer lower critical solution temperature with increasing EPM content. Films of the copolymers successfully hosted cells to monolayer. Cells detached from the copolymers upon temperature reduction with cell to cell junctions maintained, avoiding the damage which can be caused using conventional detachment techniques. These results indicate that these copolymers are highly cell compatible and may be useful for a range of biomedical applications.
DOI 10.1080/09205063.2012.690274
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