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Byrne, E., Mooney,B., Farrelly, F., Burke, E.
Undergraduate Students Experiences of Studying Nursing and Midwifery at NUI Galway.
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Undergraduate students Students experiences
  BackgroundThere is a growing interest in the overall nature of students’ experience of university education. Higher education institutions need to have a comprehensive anonymous student feedback system in place; student feedback is required to inform institutional and programme management. Therefore, surveys of nursing/midwifery students should include aspects of students’ learning experience. Aim of the studyTo explore undergraduate students’ experience of studying nursing/midwifery at third level. MethodA descriptive quantitative survey design was employed; ethical approval was obtained. The Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (UK) developed by the Higher Education Academy together with an information leaflet was emailed to 4th year students (n=122). Data was gathered via an on-line computer package and statistically analysed. Simple thematic analysis was used to analyse the qualitative comments.   Key findingsStudents reported a positive experience of studying at the third level institution, particularly, its reputation and location. Lecturing staff expertise and enthusiasm were rated highly and students were satisfied with support services available (Library, IT facilities). The programme was also reported to enhance students’ personal and professional development. Despite the aforementioned, students’ highlighted a preference for shorter lectures, prompt feedback, more clinical skills sessions and simulated learning opportunities to enrich their learning experience further.  ConclusionsOverall, students’ experiences were positively rated. In reviewing the undergraduate curricula, the issues identified by the students will be addressed to ensure that their needs are facilitated.
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