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Tonra, Justin
Jahrbuch für Computerphilologie
Textual Studies and the TEI: Encoding Thomas Moore’s Lalla Rookh
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textual studies TEI digitization thomas moore manuscript encoding archive scholarly editing
This paper focuses on the theoretical and practical decisions taken in the creation of a genetic hypermedia edition of Thomas Moore’s 1817 poetic work, Lalla Rookh for the IRCHSS-funded project, the Thomas Moore Hypermedia Archive. It evaluates the appropriateness of hypermedia for hosting such a work from the perspective of presenting its many associated materials (translations, illustrations, adaptations), and demonstrating the genetic development of the work from its first manuscript draft through to publication. The author compares the different editorial decisions that are associated with presenting literary texts in print and electronic formats, concluding that the latter eliminates the need to choose a copy-text and establish a hierarchy among the textual witnesses. The article illustrates how this fact permits a more effective visualisation of the genetic development of the work, and reports on how the Lalla Rookh edition has achieved this, referring to the encoding practice adopted by the editor on the basis of the standards that are outlined in the TEI P5 Guidelines.
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