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Tonra, Justin
2013 Unknown
Thomas Moore: Texts, Contexts, Hypertext
Googling Thomas Moore
Peter Lang
In Press
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thomas moore digital humanities digitization text mining algorithmic criticism scholarly editing romanticism irish studies
The essay analyses the challenges and possibilities of studying Moore’s works in the digital age. The author argues for the scholarly edition as the necessary prerequisite for any study of Moore, and uses examples from his print and digital editions of ‘Paradise and the Peri’ to illustrate the increased capabilities offered to scholarly editors by these distinct means of publication. Tonra positions the ‘digital Moore’, created by both scholarly initiatives like the Thomas Moore Archive and mass digitization projects like Google Books, within the wider discourse of distant reading and algorithmic criticism. The tools and methodologies of Digital Humanities, the author concludes, will enable literary scholars to escape the narrow categories, disciplinary and political, that have hampered the study of Moore so far.
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