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Galparsoro, I., DW. Connor, Á. Borja, A. Aish, P. Amorim, T. Bajjouk, C. Chambers, R. Coggan, G. Dirberg, H. Ellwood, D. Evans, KL. Goodin, A. Grehan, J. Haldin, K. Howell, C. Jenkins, N. Michez, G. Mo, P. Buhl-Mortensen, B. Pearce, J. Populus, M. Salomidi, F. Sánchez, A. Serrano, E. Shumchenia, F. Tempera, M. Vasquez.
Marine Pollution Bulletin
Using EUNIS habitat classification for benthic mapping in European seas: Present concerns and future needs
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Habitat classification scheme EUNIS Marine habitats Habitat mapping
The EUNIS (European Union Nature Information System) habitat classification system aims to provide a common European reference set of habitat types within a hierarchical classification, and to cover all terrestrial, freshwater and marine habitats of Europe. The classification facilitates reporting of habitat data in a comparable manner, for use in nature conservation (e.g. inventories, monitoring and assessments), habitat mapping and environmental management. For the marine environment the importance of a univocal habitat classification system is confirmed by the fact that many European initiatives, aimed at marine mapping, assessment and reporting, are increasingly using EUNIS habitat categories and respective codes. For this reason substantial efforts have been made to include information on marine benthic habitats from different regions, aiming to provide a comprehensive geographical coverage of European seas. However, there still remain many concerns on its applicability as only a small fraction of Europe’s seas are fully mapped and increasing knowledge and application raise further issues to be resolved.
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