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Khoo, Su-ming
Visiting Postgraduate Seminar,
Life Cycle and Magic Words: a roadmap for PhD supervision in the social sciences and humanities
Swinburne Institute for Social Research, Melbourne
Chaired Session
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This workshop explores the PhD as a process or ‘life-cycle’ comprised of a number of different zones or stages.   It begins by exploring what a PhD is, and how we can use the concept of ‘skilful thinking’ to conceptualise the activity of a PhD, examining the components of skilful thinking, focused on the cultivation of metacognition, or ‘thinking about thinking’, its relationship to reading, different types of thinking and how to make the thinking work of a PhD visible using diagrams and language. The discussion explores the idea of ‘magic words’ which might help to unlock the thinking work associated with different zones or stages in the life-cycle of a PhD, from initial exploration to conceptualizing and operationalizing the research, and on to the thesis defence and after. 
Millennium Conference Fund
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