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Jenkins, JL; Cox, RF, O’Conner, J; Meekel, S; Goggins, J
Literacy Information and Computer Education Journal
Improving the Delivery of a Construction Management Study-Abroad Course in Ireland through Student Feedback
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education construction study-abroad feedback
International study abroad offers limitless opportunities for students to learn outside of thetraditional university setting. By living and learning in a foreign country, the student’s exposure to adifferent culture can help them experience history first-hand and discover new ways of thinking/living.Recent trends show that the number of U.S. college students participating in study-abroad coursesoffered by their university is increasing. Apart from the exposure to different cultures, many study abroad courses do not provide a focused subject area related to a discipline of study chosen by theindividual student. This paper describes an overall view of an international construction managementstudy-abroad course conducted in Ireland by both American and Irish faculty members. The results ofstudent surveys that were used to assess the course learning objectives and provide suggestions forimprovement are also presented. These suggestions can be used by faculty members to develop orimprove a similar construction-focused study-abroad courses.
ISSN 2040 2589
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